Rewards: 1 meteor2 meteors5 meteors6 meteors9 meteors10 meteors1 Dragonball Steps Involved: 1. *Purchase (or mine) a […]
You can enter the Duel Arena with a player you have agree.only FB/SS – 50/100 hit
DisCity rewards : Blacktulip , SDG , MoonBox , 5,000,000 Golds Introduction In the decisive battle […]
SnakeKing rewards : Meteors , DB The snake islands are one of the most dangerous locations […]
Breeder : Click on NPC Market and accept. Find 5 HOPS and come back to get […]
Click on NPC Bird Island and accept. Kill 15.000 monsters and come back to get your […]

Revelation opens October 1st, Singapore Host

Daily 600 online character

Max level 130

Plus 9

Bless 5

1 Reborn

4-Class; Archer / Trojan / Warrior / Taoist

Low Socket rate

TC War

CounterClock Guild War


Nobility War

ClassPole War

Monthly SGW


Class PK

MagicalBottle Event



Online Players
Online Players : 500
Max Online : 1013